4 Tips To Start Sewing Like a Fashion Designer

Are you ready to begin sewing like a fashion designer?

Did you sew clothes for your family, friends, and yourself ? Did you try to imitate fashion designer wear through your sewing skills. Then you should learn some skills that will make you a better and stylish sewing expert.

Sew Like a Professional Designer

Many people aspire to sew professional looking clothes and try to follow along many top designers through various media like radio, tv, magazine, internet, etc. The sewing aspirants do this in an effort to gain inspiration from the works of those top designers and also to improvise their sewing skills.

Sewing complicated or designer dresses will enhance one’s sewing skills further more. Expect to spend hours learning and refining new skills. But realize that you will get better with each new skill learned.

1. Make it your passion.

When you have a passion of something, nothing can stop you from going in that route. You can only succeed if you like what you are doing. So self-assess your decision, are you going to like what you are doing?

You should understand the reality first. It’s going to take you some time before you actually launch your own line of clothing and accessories store. So take it slowly at a comfortable pace that you think is manageable rather than jumping from one level to another without any experience. Know what it takes to reach your goal and work towards achieving them in chunks.

2. Master basics of sewing.

To be able to sew like a professional fashion tailor, you should be a master of the basics of sewing. Right from color combination, shapes, etc., one should have that expertise to choose the appropriate properties to bring the clothing to life.

First learn to sew joining any classes near you. Experts recommend that you read the reviews from a list of the top sewing machines for the year 2016 to choose a good one for your sewing projects. A good sewing machine is not enough you need to have that creativity to reach the next stage in your fashion sewing.

You should be good at designing new stuff and be ready to draw out the layout. Apart from drawing and designing, sewing the same on a fabric is equally essential.

Not just machine sewing it is important to put the fabric together and sew by hand too. So learning and mastering the basics of sewing is essential.

3. Go to fashion institute.

If you can do it, then do join a fashion course institute to learn the technical skills. Every minute detail you learn in the fashion institute will take you a little closer to your dream of becoming a good fashion sewing professional. So no skipping the college until you learn all the syllabus to enhance your skills.

4. Practice.

Now start working on smaller projects at home. Also work for others who are already into the field, this experience is very invaluable to you in the long run.

For example, ask the local tailor to employ you as their junior and do smaller projects for them. Or take up sewing designer wear for your friends, family, and then take it up professionally.